Twenty Important Questions Answered By Lucy

1. What is Facebook?
It's a book that we put picture on--blue pictures.

2. What is the worst food in all the world?
Ratatouille, because it is yucky. Me and mommy don't like the green we don't eat it. But I do eat my salad.

3. Where do bad guys go?
They go to fight super heroes and then go to their secret hide-outs. But the super heroes find their secret hide-outs and catch them. Sometimes.

4. What is a hero?
It's a person that's dressed up in costumes with capes and goggles. And they have boots and sandals.

5. Where do our tears come from?
Our eyes when they are watering when we are sad.

6. How big is God?
Giant. (she reached her hands a head taller than her)

7. What makes jello giggle?
It's bouncy because it is freezing. It jiggles because we touch know, and we put whip cream on it and it makes it yummy.

8. What is the scariest thing in the world?
Bears and monsters. Oh, and a T-Rex. A T-Rex is a Sharp Tooth, and a Sharp Tooth is the scariest thing in the whole world because of the sharp tooths, and because it eats meat. Oh, and it stomps on us.

9. Why are tickles ticklish?
Because tickly spots are ticklish because we are ticklish like on our backs and on our feets. But why is it tickly? Because we are made out of skin and because we are breakable.

10. What is God's name?

11. What is hate?
Hate means we hate our brother when he hits us and pulls our hair, or doesn't play with us, or takes my toys away, or won't let me play with him...and he won't let me tickle and hold him. That's hate because I get angry when he doesn't let me do stuff with him. I get hate. But it's bad. (oh, I have work to do)

12. What is love?
Love means when Bubby lets me hold him, tickle him, play with him and play super heroes with him...and he takes turns with me, sometimes. (hmmmmm)

13. How old is very old?

14. What will you do when you're 17?
I will just take care of myself. I will wash myself...and wash my hair and dry it on cold days but not dry it on warm days.

15. How old is your Grandma?
Grammie? She's 15.

16. Is that really old?

17. What do you do at church?
Worship God and play with my friends.

18. How can we feed all the people in the world?
With swords and shields. Because we have to get rid of the bad guys first.

19. What makes a bad guy bad?
They catch us in their traps that we can't see.

20. How can we love everyone?
Because our heart keeps beating, and if it keeps beating we can keep loving everyone.


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