Lucy's Answers to 'Important' Life Questions

Questions answered by my 5 year-old:

1. How old is mommy?

2. How old is daddy?

3. What is a President?
A card

4. What country do we live in?

5. Where do babies come from?

6. Who is God?

7. Where does God live?
In Heaven

8. Where is Heaven?
In the sky

9. What's in Heaven?
God...and my friends. (I don't understand that last part)

10. Why is the sky blue?
Because God colored it blue.

11. How is peanut butter made?
Dirt and water...and NUTS!

12. How do think shows get onto our TV?
God created electricity...well, actually, God just makes the TV show get on.

13. What does mommy do?
Clean and make the beds and take the baths and showers and talk...and laundry and feed me.

14. What does daddy do?
He uses the bathroom, he feeds us, he gives showers and baths. He talks and sings concerts. He takes us to church. He kisses mommy. He gives bubby and I hugs and kisses. He let us color and he plays games with us.

15. What do you think Heaven is like?
It will be full with all the things on earth. Like the mall.

16. How do you think God sent you to this family and why?
He colored me. He thought you wanted a little girl.

17. What will you be when you grow up?
I am going to be an artist...a princess...a queen. I'm going to be a Grand Duke. But that last one is a joke. Actually, I'm going to be a fairy. I'm going to be a...uh...mommy.

18. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
(that's mommy's name)

19. What is your favorite thing about your brother?
I love to play with him.

20. What's inside your heart?
A heartbeat.
(I was hoping she would say Jesus...oops)


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  1. That is so incredibly sweet! Thank you for sharing it with us.