Twenty Important Questions Answered By Lucy

1. What is Facebook?
It's a book that we put picture on--blue pictures.

2. What is the worst food in all the world?
Ratatouille, because it is yucky. Me and mommy don't like the green we don't eat it. But I do eat my salad.

3. Where do bad guys go?
They go to fight super heroes and then go to their secret hide-outs. But the super heroes find their secret hide-outs and catch them. Sometimes.

4. What is a hero?
It's a person that's dressed up in costumes with capes and goggles. And they have boots and sandals.

5. Where do our tears come from?
Our eyes when they are watering when we are sad.

6. How big is God?
Giant. (she reached her hands a head taller than her)

7. What makes jello giggle?
It's bouncy because it is freezing. It jiggles because we touch know, and we put whip cream on it and it makes it yummy.

8. What is the scariest thing in the world?
Bears and monsters. Oh, and a T-Rex. A T-Rex is a Sharp Tooth, and a Sharp Tooth is the scariest thing in the whole world because of the sharp tooths, and because it eats meat. Oh, and it stomps on us.

9. Why are tickles ticklish?
Because tickly spots are ticklish because we are ticklish like on our backs and on our feets. But why is it tickly? Because we are made out of skin and because we are breakable.

10. What is God's name?

11. What is hate?
Hate means we hate our brother when he hits us and pulls our hair, or doesn't play with us, or takes my toys away, or won't let me play with him...and he won't let me tickle and hold him. That's hate because I get angry when he doesn't let me do stuff with him. I get hate. But it's bad. (oh, I have work to do)

12. What is love?
Love means when Bubby lets me hold him, tickle him, play with him and play super heroes with him...and he takes turns with me, sometimes. (hmmmmm)

13. How old is very old?

14. What will you do when you're 17?
I will just take care of myself. I will wash myself...and wash my hair and dry it on cold days but not dry it on warm days.

15. How old is your Grandma?
Grammie? She's 15.

16. Is that really old?

17. What do you do at church?
Worship God and play with my friends.

18. How can we feed all the people in the world?
With swords and shields. Because we have to get rid of the bad guys first.

19. What makes a bad guy bad?
They catch us in their traps that we can't see.

20. How can we love everyone?
Because our heart keeps beating, and if it keeps beating we can keep loving everyone.


Lucy's Answers to 'Important' Life Questions

Questions answered by my 5 year-old:

1. How old is mommy?

2. How old is daddy?

3. What is a President?
A card

4. What country do we live in?

5. Where do babies come from?

6. Who is God?

7. Where does God live?
In Heaven

8. Where is Heaven?
In the sky

9. What's in Heaven?
God...and my friends. (I don't understand that last part)

10. Why is the sky blue?
Because God colored it blue.

11. How is peanut butter made?
Dirt and water...and NUTS!

12. How do think shows get onto our TV?
God created electricity...well, actually, God just makes the TV show get on.

13. What does mommy do?
Clean and make the beds and take the baths and showers and talk...and laundry and feed me.

14. What does daddy do?
He uses the bathroom, he feeds us, he gives showers and baths. He talks and sings concerts. He takes us to church. He kisses mommy. He gives bubby and I hugs and kisses. He let us color and he plays games with us.

15. What do you think Heaven is like?
It will be full with all the things on earth. Like the mall.

16. How do you think God sent you to this family and why?
He colored me. He thought you wanted a little girl.

17. What will you be when you grow up?
I am going to be an artist...a princess...a queen. I'm going to be a Grand Duke. But that last one is a joke. Actually, I'm going to be a fairy. I'm going to be a...uh...mommy.

18. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
(that's mommy's name)

19. What is your favorite thing about your brother?
I love to play with him.

20. What's inside your heart?
A heartbeat.
(I was hoping she would say Jesus...oops)


What Am I Doing Here?

There are times in my life when I just stop, blink and look around me as if I'm not sure how I got to where I am. Ever feel like that? Kinda like when you get in the car and start off on a errand and arrive to your destination, and for the life of you, you can't recall how you even got there. Did you stop at the red lights? Did you cut someone off? Or is that just me? Lord, I hope it isn't just me...

But right now, I'm in a point in my life where I'm driving toward a destination, but I don't even know what that destination is. I don't know what turns to make--I can't even seem to see the green and red lights. I'm just plowing through, holding tight to the steering wheel and hoping that I'm not running anyone off the road.

"Lord, what am I doing here? Where am I going? Where am I supposed to be going?"

Right now I could tie in that Underwood song (is that her?) about Jesus taking the wheel. But I won't do that. It is too easy. Besides, I have this feeling that God wants my hands on the wheel. It feels like He has told me that it is time to start driving, start plowing through...because heaven help me, I would rather pull the car over to the side and just sit there and cry. But how am I ever going to arrive if I am sitting on the sidelines wearing my toddler panties?

The trick is remembering to ask God to sit beside me as I drive. You see, without Him sitting beside me, it's like I'm driving at night (I have night blindness). But when I remember to ask God to sit beside me, navigating for me, He brings light into this crazy, insane world of mine and I can see. He has the map in His hands--a map that He already planned out and drew with His very own, capable hands long ago before I was even born. That map is something beautiful--custom designed for me and my family. I wish I could see it, but every time I take my eyes off the road to glimpse over to see what it looks like, He turns it away and tells me gently, "Trusting me, dear heart, means letting me navigate."

So...I don't know where I am or where I am going. I don't know what I am doing here. Not yet, anyway. I know that right now, right at this moment, I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. I know that I am a photographer and a writer with a heart full of hopes, dreams and desires that God planted deep in my heart. I know that I am afraid at times--worried about things that are monster in my life that I can't chase away. There are hard times, adventurous times...and times when all I can seem to do is cry. But I will choose to whisper to my Father, "Sit beside me. Navigate me. I don't know where You are leading me, but I'll trust You. Bring light into this darkness of mine so that I can see the signs pointing me...guiding me."

And that's enough for me in this moment.


Tea Cups Full Of Promise

Years ago, I didn't think I would be a mother. It seems silly to me (now that I am one) to recall that fear and hopelessness. There once was a time when I was sitting quietly in a church where I knew no one. I was all alone, and I felt so lost and wounded. It hadn't been long since my last miscarriage and tears were always burning behind my eyelids. A woman sitting in front of me turned with a confused frown on her face. "I'm sorry," she said. "I know I don't know you...and I don't understand this because you look like a very young girl, but I feel that I need to tell you that God wants you to are going to be a mother one day."

I cried. I couldn't even explain to the woman how much her words meant to me. She just patted my hand and turned around...

But years passed by and I was not a mother. I started to doubt in the truth of the promise. Then I met Courtney who was a blessing from the Lord. Her heart matched mine, and her wounds were as deep and fresh. She wanted to be a mother, too. And just like that woman in the strange church, God told me she would be a mother. We had our promises. We encouraged one another, we exchanged tea pots as a symbol of the promise that one day we would sit down together for tea with our children running around us.

But still years passed by...

Yet, here I am, sitting down to tea in one corner of my world while I know Courtney is in another corner with the most handsome little boy in all the world (tied with my little handsome boy, of course). Motherhood has come to kiss us both with wonderful children that live up to the meaning of their names...bringers of light...laughter...promises kept by our Father. There are times when I feel like the worst mother in creation and I want to pull out my hair. There are times when I feel inadequate and worry about if I am doing the best that I can (which, at times, I am not). But in moments like that, it is good to have this tea pot here with me. I can sit down, pour tea from it and remind myself that God already planned this--He will help guide me.

Today, I find myself in new, scary days. I have new promises that I am waiting to see come to life. I have new worries and struggles that I need to leave at the cross. I'm waiting...and waiting...and waiting for something, anything, to happen. I'm almost to that point where I feel that these things will never come to pass--that I misunderstood and never really heard from God but created those promises with my own breath...

So, I sit here with my tea....poured from my friendship pot...and remember that there once was a day when I nearly gave up, but in HIS perfect timing, He poured an abundance upon me and gifted me with two children that are more wonderful than the ones I created in my dreams. He always hears me. He always love me. He never gives up. He never comes to that moment when all hope is fading. He holds my tea pot in His capable hands, just waiting for HIS time to pour me my cup in which will brim with more perfection than I ever dreamed of. With that promise, I can keep waiting.

I wish I could time travel. I would find that young Gia with a broken heart and empty wound and dance with her...laugh with her...celebrate in the TRUTH of that promise. But I can't. Instead, I will choose to int he TRUTH of the promise that I clutch with desperate hands TODAY. One day soon, He will breathe life into it and bring it to life in my hands. That's my God for you. He waits until the very moment when the gift will dazzle the most. He is always showing off--just like He did the day He created my babies.


Just a Little Longer

What Can A few More Minutes Really Do?

It only takes a simple smile...

"Hello. How are you?"

A gentle touch of a hand...

"I appreciate all that you do."

A little bit of time well spent...

"Do you know how special you are?"

An hour over coffee...with only your ears listening...

"What can I do to help you?"

A few laughs...

"You make me happy."

"You are so very special to me."

"You are beautiful."

"You have a purpose."

Helping that woman with the arms loaded down with groceries...

Standing a few moments longer to talk to the cheerful Wal-Mart greeter that you often hurry past...

Staying at the dinner table longer, letting the spaghetti mess pile up on chubby cheeks of three year-olds who chew with their mouth open...but listening as they prattle about why the fall leaves change colors...

"You make my heart swell with joy."

"I would never replace you."

"Do you know how much Jesus loves you?"

Sometimes, it only takes a few more moments, a few more kind words, a little bit more love from your heart to build, encourage and love on those that really needed it in that moment. Kind words erase a lifetime of bitter ones--words that have scared and wounded. Your time builds up tiny bodies to take on the world with courage to face adversity. Just a little bit more time...

"When she speaks, her words are wise, and kindness is the rule for everything she says." ~Proverbs 31:26

Do you know that you are beautiful--irreplaceable? Worthy enough to die for?

Can you see people around you--people with eyes that do not shine as bright as they should? Do you see weary shoulders burdened by worries and haunting shame? Look around. Is there anyone with fading laugh lines, or hands that need held? Just a little bit longer. That's all it takes. A moment can begin a lifetime of healing. A moment can bring the warmth of a tender God into their lives. A moment can stop time.

"Just a little bit longer, daddy. Just a little bit longer. Hold me."