Love Like Him

Sometimes, my heart breaks for the love that suddenly overwhelms me for the stranger sitting across the restaurant. I don't know why. Sometimes, this stranger can be sitting with his wife--they are both old and cuddled as close as their bodies can be in a booth. Other times, it is a middle-aged woman alone, carefully wiping up the crumbs with her tattered napkin--her eyes slightly dim.

Sometimes, I glance out the car window while sitting at a red light and have a flood of love wash over me for the old man in the car next to me...or the teenage girl staring with blank eyes straight ahead...

There are times when I wish I could get out of the car and wrap my arms around the woman standing at a busy intersection with a sign that reads: Mother of two. Lost my job. Trying to pay rent...

I see her tears. I understand her fear. But what do I have to give but the sudden Christ-like love that has just overwhelmed me.

There are children in church that I want to hold and snuggle close. I've cried just at the sight of 90 year-old woman in her wheelchair as her eyes light up like a candle at the sight of my smiling daughter prancing through the hallway...

Sometimes, the love that the Lord places in my heart for His children crushes me. I think it is His way of reminding me of how He looks at all the people in this world: the homeless, the wounded, the ones in bondage by their shame and pasts...

And I want to take them all in my arms and tend their wounds. That's what I was created for, isn't it? If I know the unconditional love of a Savior, why wouldn't I want to pour it out on all those around me?

So I try to be a bit more patient with the waitress taking my order that hasn't gotten it right the last two times. Because I see that the Lord loves her, fiercely.

I bite my tongue when someone says that we should never give the woman or man on the corner money because it is only for drugs...because I see that Lord loves them BOTH...fiercely.

I will be patient, loving and kind to my friends and family (I will TRY) even when pain and hurt comes my way.

I will teach my children to do the same. Because you never know who needs it the most.


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