No Doubts

As a writer, I struggle to believe. Are these words really good enough? Are my characters strong enough? Does God's work shine His breath on the page?

As a photographer, I struggle to believe. I wonder if my talent is really breathtaking. Are my clients truly pleased? Do they see the beauty of creation reflected in their children's each belly laugh caught in the shot?

As a mother, I struggle. What am I doing wrong that is going to screw up my kids when they are adults and parents themselves? Do they see the love of Jesus in me?

The list goes on and on and on. I am hard on myself. I beat myself up and hold my image to high standards that are nearly impossible to achieve. When I fail, I fall deep into gloomy darkness. When I succeed, I doubt the success.

But God has called me to greatness, and I must find a way to believe in that. He has put stories in my imagination, set them deep within me to be stirred to life by the mere sigh from His lips. He has given me the ability to capture His beauty buried deep within every human soul. H gave me incredible children, trusting me to be the mother He needs me to be in their lives. And my dear, wonderful, most courageous husband (just to endure and choose me)...for him, God gave me patience and a warrior mindset to stand beside him and never run. He has called me to greatness.

We all need to start believing...and stepping out. For He knows the plans He has for us...


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