Hop In And Follow Me Friday

Hop in and Follow me Friday are weekly meme's hosted by Parajunkee's View and Crazy-for-Books.

"Pick a character from a book you are currently reading or have just finished and tell us about him/her."

I just finished reading Madam Tussaud by Michelle Moran. The main character, is of course, the woman who would become famous as Madam Tussaud, the famous wax modeler who's museums are still operating world-wide today. She is woman driven to succeed, strong and goal oriented--aside from wildly talented. But these characteristics come to taunt her during the story--when she fails to follow her heart and marry the man she loves, because she is too absorbed with success. Through out all of this, Tussaud witnesses the French Revolution, forced to model death masks for members of the French monarchy--slaughtered by the hands of the uprising. Some of these people were her friends.

"Do you have anyone that you can discuss books with IRL? Tell us about him/her."

All the women in my family read. The trouble is, I am never reading what they are reading...or, at least, not while they are reading it. But my friend Mya read the book Madam Tussaud about the same time as I did, so we were able to talk about it a little...

Maybe I need to be part of a book club? Who knows...



  1. Hi Gia! I just found your blog through Parajunkee's Follow Friday and wanted to say "hi" -- I am a new follower ;)

    That's really great that you have so many people who share your love for reading-- I am pretty much the only book worm in my family, although occasionally my mom will pick up that we can talk about. My husband is allergic to books haha :) But I am a librarian so I have lots of people at work to talk books with, that's my outlet!

    Feel free to stop on over to my site and check out my FF for this week, at LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  2. I usually talk to my mom and my sister about books even though they are not as into them as I am. New follower! Looking forward to reading your blog in the future. Have a happy weekend :)

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  3. I'm introducing four young men from the books I'm currently reading. Come see who they are. Happy blog hop.

  4. Hopping through. I've heard good things about Madame Tussaud. It sounds very interesting.
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  5. Hi there, I'm a brand new follower from the book hop! I like the sounds of the book you are reading - it sounds quite interesting. And my best friend and I discuss the books we've both read but here recently I sympathize with your plight - she and I are always reading different books at different times!

    Please check out my book blog / FF post if you like! I am in the market for new book blogging friends. :) Also, love your profile and how you describe yourself. :)


  6. I LOVE your header...pretty cool.

    Great choice of characters too for your answer to the question.

    Hopping by from the blog hop.



  7. I think I need to find a book club as well. I don't really have anyone to discuss books with at the moment. I'm leaning on the book blogger community for that.