Romance Suckers? I Think Not.

It is always fun to include romance in novels. But the other day it got me to thinking about how real life is a huge romance sucker. For instance, we get all the sweet, precious moments that lead to the big moment of falling head over heals in love (or the big moment that happens in the privacy of bedrooms). We flirt. We tease. We experience that tingle when we reach for that man's hand. We relish everything sensation that floods our senses when we get our first kiss...

And then real life steps in.

We get married. We wake up in the same bed...and we aren't pretty anymore. Hair is all over our head in a Bide of Frankenstein coif. We get crusties in our eyes (yuck!). Can we not even talk about morning breath?! And then there's child birth. These days, the husband is right there in the thick of it--seeing ALL of the action. There is nothing romantic or sexy about pushing a baby out. Yet, somehow, most of our husbands are still attracted to us. They still think we are the most amazing human being on the face of the planet. They still like the way we fill out our jeans with more pounds on our frame than what there was under our wedding dress. They find the gray hairs endearing, and don't mention our first wrinkles. In fact, even after the horrors of childbirth, our husbands usually think we are so much cooler than they are! ;)

Maybe we don't tingle at every second of every day when the face of our love drifts through our mind. Perhaps now, after all these years, it is more like a warm comfort that washes over us. It is something safe...and something that speaks of eternity. With our spouse we experiences our most embarrassing moments. We endure crushing heartbreaks and giggly joys. We've had so many first kisses that we can no longer count them. We've fought, screamed, rallied against, and stomped our feet. We've cried, wept, been scared, and prayed together. We build new dreams together when others fall apart. We encourage, lift up, and support the best that we can. Real life happens. Sometimes it sucks away the romance, but there is always a new season of a fresh, yet to be discovered kind of romance awaiting on the other side...

Most of our characters miss out on the beauty of a love that stands against the test of time, and becomes something more beautiful than that first touch; something more precious and breath-stealing than that first kiss.

But just for pure fun and a prime example of dramatic, fun, giddy, fictional romance (before suckers get in there):



  1. "The beauty of a love that stands the test of time," Love that! Very well said. :)

  2. Awwww. Thanks for reminding me about that love again. :)