I Will Help You

“For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”
~Isaiah 41:13 (NIV)

Life has its hiccups. Some are big. Some are small. Yet, they still hurt—no matter the size.


Sometimes, all that is plaguing us is not knowing which decision to make. Other times, the storm is so big—so scary—that we can’t catch our breath. We run and hide from the darkness. For me, I hide under the covers of my bed. I wee—or stare at the wall—feeling nothing but the pounding of my heart in the sides of my neck. I don’t even think I blink. I barely breathe.

Why can’t God rescue us out of it? Why can’t I open my eyes when the rain is pelting me hard in the face, and see Jesus walking across the water towards me—like His disciples did? Of course, when the disciples opened their eyes and saw Him walking on the water, it scared the silliness out of them. They thought he was a ghost. But certainly it would be different for me…wouldn’t it? Probably not…

God doesn’t always rescue us. Sometimes, the water pours over our heads, the waves crash around our ears, and the thunder is so loud that it hurts. The storms overwhelm and nearly drown us.

And sometimes, we are just staring down at all the decisions we should make. They seem simple enough…but we still don’t know what to do.

Then, suddenly, a warmth comes near us. God moves in. He has always been there, but now, we KNOW that He is there. He takes our right hand in His—clenching it tight. And if that’s not enough, He leans even closer…so close that we can feel that warmth of his breath on our cheek. “Don’t be afraid,” He whispers. A chill races down our neck. He speaks in a whisper. It is so close. So intimate. So precious…

It is the act of a father.

“Don’t be afraid,” He gently says again, as He waits for the pound of our heart to grow calm.

“I’m trying,”someone silly (like me) would say.

“No reason to ‘try’,” He smiles. “I’m right here—right next to you. I’m going to help you.”

It is a truth. No matter how scary, no matter how big the tumultuous hurricane is as it blows over us…God, our Father, is there. He may not rescue us from the problems we find ourselves in, but He will be there, right beside us, taking our hand in His, and whispering, “I will help you out of this. Don’t be scared.”

And I won’t be. Because the warmth of His hand still radiates from my own. Instead, I’ll cave in. I’ll let the fear slip away. I’ll stay again…letting His love be enough. Because it will be. He has a plan. He has a purpose…


Sometimes it is all that’s left, but should have been what we started with from the beginning.



  1. Beautiful.

    Thank you, Gia for sharing. This is one to tuck in my pocket to remember or journal to remember. =)

  2. No problem. :) I think it might be one of my new favorite verses.

  3. Hi Gia,

    This Bible Verse is forever engraved on my heart, because it is the one I held onto, through all the tears, and the fear that was suffocating me during the most raging storm of my life. He did not rescue me right away, He let me see that I could not put my security into others, or anything material. My heart had never felt so grieved, it was as if He was allowing the life to be drained from me, and when I was completely broken He made His presence known, giving me a peace, and opening my eyes to really see Him, His Glory, and I could not live without Him, I did not want to. This Bible verse is part of my testimony, and it will always have an extra special place in my heart.

    Great post!!! Glory to God, His timing is perfect.

    God bless you,

  4. Michele, that is an amazing testimony. God is so good to take us all the way through the storm, and leave us shining as something more beautiful and wiser than we were before the storm clouds gathered. :) He loves us so much.