Dirty Little Secret #3

I was the oldest of my two, amazing brothers. I can say 'amazing' now, because we've all grown up. Pain in the butts was the better adjective when we were kids. ;)

I was a wonderful big sister. I always did everything that a good big sister should do. I took care of my brothers, looked after them, saw to their every need, defended them against bullies, and rallied for their every cause. I played well with them. I always let them have the best toys and play the best role.

You believe me, don't you?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

But honestly, I was a GREAT sister, but a pain in the butt, as well. I do, however, have one dirty secret to divulge. Honesty is the best policy, right?

When my brothers and I were VERY small (sorta), I would pin them to the floor with my hands and knees. They hated it...because they knew what came next. Terrified and thrashing the best they could (all in vain of course) they stared up in horror as I made a good batch of spit (I shudder now)...

Screaming at the top of their lungs, I formed a good spit line that slipped from my lips and bobbed inches from their face. Just before it weakened, I slurped it back up. But once, my baby brother thrashed a bit too hard and I lost my concentration. Just as he opened his mouth wide to yell for my mother, the spit slipped from my lips all together and plopped down into his gaping mouth...

He still has trouble talking about that day without tears gathering in his eyes. Poor, poor, poor Matthew. ;)


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