Is Cabin Fever Deadly?

And other snow-induced ramblings...

Iced in.

Is that something anyone wants to be? We get snowed in...but 'iced in' sounds creepy. And, oh, so very cold.

With all this down time (watching the clock and waiting to see how long it takes for cabin fever to set in) I've been trying to think of creative things to do. Too bad I already finished novel revisions. Too bad I'm not prepared to start the next novel. Too bad I REALLY don't want to start revisions on the novel sitting in a nice, neat file on my desktop.

Instead, I tried to think of things to blog about.

That didn't work.

Next, I turned to the never ending supply of movies my brother keeps me in. I cried through half of them. I get embarrassed when I cry during movies. It is even worse when I cry during books.

Speaking of books, I thought I might read one. But the thing about being 'iced in' is that all the wind howling, and the fear that the water pipes might freeze and burst, keeps me awake at night. I'm too tired to read. Not that I have anything that I want to read.

I'm going to share a secret. A really terrible, ugly secret. I don't find many books that I like to read. *gasp* And I'm a writer. Is that bad?

So, the day ends with me crammed here in my Grandma's guest bed (crammed with kids that sleep horizontally across the mattress and kick me in the nose) because the power is expected to go out...and Granny's is the only home with a generator. If I wake up with a black eye, I think I would have rather risked it all in the icebox of a home. :/

Last time we had a storm like this, I was a little girl. The power went out for 8 days...and it was magical. My mom cooked dinner on the wood stove (lucky) and we slept in the living room around a kerosene heater. My brothers and I played games by the light of an oil lamp....and there was no school.

I have found that being grown up takes the excitement and adventure out of winter storms.

Where's Peter Pan when you need him?


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