Yesterday's Tomorrow

Today I am going to believe that I am something beautiful that this world needs.

Today I am going to sit in the kitchen floor and play play-dough with my kids--relishing in every dimpled smile they give me.

Today I am going to hope that the clothes march their way from the hamper to the laundry, wash themselves, and then make their way to their designated homes--preferably not on the bedroom floors.

Today I am going to curl up with a hot cup of Earl Grey and spend some time talking to the Lord. He makes me smile...but nothing is better than knowing that I make HIM smile. ;)

Today I am going to kiss my husband...and leave him breathless.

Today I am going to choose to believe that I truly am a writer. It is only a matter of time before everyone else knows, as well.

Today I am going to finish reading another chapter of the Dawn Treader to the kids.

Today I am going to finish writing another chapter of my own.

Today I will try hard not to lose my patience or get angry too quickly--hopefully, not at all!

Today I will dance like a crazy woman and sing at the top of my lunge, making my children roll in the floor in hysterics.

Today I will not pout about my gluten-free diet.

Today I will not worry about tomorrow.

Today I will rock. That's all. That's good enough.

...I am God's.

What will you do today?


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