Why I Write In The Past

When someone sits does to do the research in which it takes to breathe a historical fiction to life, they are passing on a bit of our nation's heritage--a bit of courage to a new generation, that we desperately need. To have the ability to bring our past to life in such a way that it impacts the readers life, is an incredible gift. If we can inspire them to be better than they are, to live lives of importance and meaning, what could be better?

Watch this video and decide if it moves your heart, sparks your imagination, gest your blood flowing...

The courage and pains of our past deserve to still hold a place in our present. That's why I will write the way that I do.


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  1. Im a big history fan. I love writing about true events. I think the past teaches us so much and I hope my writing contributions help remind us all of our roots. I started a novel based on the life of my mom who was in the Army Nurse Corps and whose husband was a WWII bomber pilot. It's a great story I hope to finish someday.