The Sound of Words

I write to film scores. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's the emotion composers put in their music that makes it breathe and pulse--telling the story. But it isn't as if I write to just any film scores. I have a list of my favorites. These scores have a heartbeat, a life of their own. Sometimes, listening to the music and typing my words can lose me so completely that tears come to my eyes, my heart races...or I simply type the last word, look up, blink, and wonder what just happened.

My favorite score it that to Legends of The Fall by James Horner. I find myself turning to it when I need to write long, sweeping scenes of romance...or redemption. But I could listen to it anytime. It makes me smile.

The score for The Last of The Mohicans. *sigh* This one is just so full of passion...pain...excitement...

Goodness, I go to this one all the time. The movie is one of my favorites, as well. I think it was always the music that captivated me. Just listen to it and tell me if it doesn't evoke a depth of emotion that you didn't even realize was there. The possibilities of what you can create--or write-- when caught up in endless.

This next one, I just discovered. It left chills running through me. I was stunned. I write a great deal of pain in my stories...and this song helped it ease from the dark parts of me and spill onto the page.

Film scores reach a part of us that other songs cannot. They tell a story and beg us to tell a story of our own. Scores haunt us long after a movie is finished, far longer than a chapter is written or read. They leave us breathless and wanting more. When the words don't flow easily, when they fight us to be released...a film score can open the vein.

It is rather romantic, actually.


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