Rest In Your Tomorrow

To 'hear' the words...push play ;)

What would it be like to be a ghost walking aimlessly through this world…sheltered by darkness…haunted by our own skin?

What would it be like to emerge from this life, feeling as if we didn’t quite make it…as if we missed the last bend in the road—the one that would take us to where we need to be?

What would it be like to see our life’s tears bottled up in heaven, knowing that they were wasted, that they were never needed, or their number too high?

What would it be like if we would learn to dance and laugh…tilting our faces to the sky and catching raindrops on our tongues?

What if you fail to hear the rain on a tin roof…or the sound of your own heart breaking?

Can you believe in yourself enough to run with all your might, chasing your dreams, determined through tears, sweat, and pain?

Can you let go of the past…believing that what was done gives you more of a story, more character…a deeper well to draw from?

Will you sit and drink tea, whispering prayers for those that hurt you…those that hate you? Even though you’re afraid your prayers aren’t good enough…

Will you believe in that which you once did not…in hopes that you will find something you thought was lost?

Can you trust? Can you jump? Can you open your hand and see the man or woman you were meant to be?

What would it be like to hold your Love’s hand and know that everything else that comes your way…will be filled with more love than your body can take?

What would it feel like to believe this is only the beginning…

It isn’t easy…this life. But together, intertwined in our faith, we can smile…giggle…love…write…and hope for something much greater than ourselves. We can have hope in our tomorrows and put to bed our yesterdays.

We can be free.
Rest in it.



  1. Just a comment to say that I really like your blog.

  2. Thank you. :) I'm happy that people actually read it!

  3. I like this a lot, Gia. And I like the design of your blog. Thanks for linking to this from Writer's Alley.