Bleary Eyed...and Jerry Maguire'd

For solid days at a time, I have been applying that last coat of polish to this manuscript. How many years has it been breathing in my heart? How many times have I cried over it, yelled at it, threatened to burn it, and smiled every time I came to the last line?

Well, until a publisher's editor tells me otherwise, it is finished. :) Curious? Read the first chapter here.

And, in this mad cycle of editing, it is funny the things that my mind catches whenever I steal a moment to watch a movie. There are times when I hear a character in a movie say something...and it gives me pause. "A real person wouldn't say something like that? They aren't witty enough," I say to myself. "That's something a writer would type...on the page." And even then the reader might scoff.

For instance, when Renee Zellweger's character walks into the kitchen in a stunning black dress, Jerry Maguire looks up and says, amazed, "Wow, that's more than a dress...that's an Audrey Hepburn movie."

Yeah, right. *rolling my eyes*

Though, I will admit, there are times when I've zipped myself into a black dress, and it would have been fabulous if someone had spouted such a line to me. ;) But that kind of thing--that kind of wit--just doesn't flow naturally from people's lips. Especially sports agent's. Not that I know any sports agents.

So, tired, weary, polished-out...I leave you with my rather dull post and the trailer to the movie. It is one of those movies where I just roll my eyes. I can't help it. It is heavy on the cheese factor.

But just out of curiosity, what kinds of things have you caught in movies where you think, "Yeah right," and roll your eyes?


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  1. There are many movies like that, but I think the biggest one is...Twilight. PUH-leeze! lol.