Things I Did Not Do In 2010...

But might in 2011 (maybe)

1. Publish my novel. But I did sign with a lit agent, so we're one step closer! :)

2. Learn to dance.

3. Eat sushi.

4. Do a hand-spring...which leads to:

5. Break any bones. ;)

6. Have any babies. LOL

7. Leave the state. How SAD is that?! (Actually, I went to Chicago but I don't think that counts)

8. Kayak.

9. Sadly, I did not dance in the rain.

10. Get all dolled up for a date. sad is that?? I went on a date. But not all girlie-like.

Things I did do in 2010:

1. Write and complete a novel.

2. Had surgery for a kidney stone. :(

3. Dove off a high dive.

4. Lost my nose piercing. Very sad day.

5. Became a better photographer.

6. Went camping with two toddlers...for the FIRST time ever!

7. Stumbled out of my comfort zone. Thrown out, actually.

8. Behaved times.

9. Decided that I'm a pretty awesome person.

10. Forged and lost friendships.

Good thing the years come and go leaving us strong, wiser, and more determined to get it right the next time. ;)

What are some things you did and did not do? What do you hope to do in 2011?

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. ~Benjamin Franklin



  1. Congrats on being one step closer to publication!! I know you must be so excited! :o)

    I did eat sushi for the second and final time in my life this past year, and decided forevermore that it is not for me. I'll have my seafood cooked, thank you!

    And I broke a bone, too, even if it was the absolute smallest bone (pinky toe)....never want to go through that again! Trust me, you're not missing anything! :o)

    Happy New Year!

  2. Awesome post! Yay for getting an agent! Wow! :)

    I left my state (Iowa) for your state apparently (Evansville).

    I hope to finish my novel in 2011, maybe I should say I PLAN to. That sounds more proactive!

    Love the Ben Franklin quote btw. :)

  3. Laura, I went to Iowa LAST year! LOL I think that's the last time I left the state (except for crossing the boarder for Chicago). I need to get out more. And yay for finishing your novel soon!

    Christy, I ate sushi last year. :( Nasty! I don't like seafood, cooked or raw. I vomited a little. ;)