Follow Me #2

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This week's question: What are you plans for this fabulous day?

I am hoping that I can make it through this entire day on a lifeline of Earl Grey tea. I stayed up too late wrapping presents for the children while they were sleeping. As soon as dawn cracked through the curtains, my oldest came running in, shouting, "I can't wait to sleep on the couch tonight to see if Santa comes!" Yay...but we could sleep now...right? Wrong.

Every Christmas Eve, my entire family crowds into my Grandmother's house. We play games, watch movies, tease each other...(really, there isn't words to describe the mayhem), we eat LOTS of food...

By evening, we crowd around Grandpa while he reads us the Christmas story from Luke. We all sniff back tears, loving the sound of his voice. At least the grown-ups do. The little ones are eying present, itching to lunge forward and rip the first one open. As soon as Grandpa snaps the Bible's present time.

At some point, I'll make it back to my own house. I'll help the kids put out their cookies and milk for Santa...and food for the reindeer. When they are tucked in and sound asleep (on the couch), husband and I will dump the cookies and reindeer food, replace it with a letter from Santa and a bell from the reindeer, slip presents under the tree and stuff stockings.

Then...we wait for the dawn. Again. ;)



  1. Hi Gia! I found you on Follow Friday, and I'm your newest follower! I love how festive your blog is!

    My whole family is in town at my place for Christmas, and I'm loving it :)

  2. Hi Gia!

    Coming through with Follow Friday. I'm your newest follower. Hope you'll stop by The Enchanted Book. I'm having a giveaway of a very sweet holiday short story by Kelly Daniels entitled Melting Frost.

    Hope you have a joyous Christmas.

    The Enchanted Book

  3. Let's hope your tea holds out!

    Quiet day today. Quiet before the storm....

    Here's my most recent post:

    Hope you will stop by. I'm a new follower!

  4. Hope you have a Merry Christmas, We already opened our gifts - because my son's dad came in and is just in for a short time.

    Xmas Eve Follow Friday

  5. Nice family you have :) hope you have an awesome weekend and thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Hopping through. I'm a new follower. When ever I hear the Luke Xmas story, I can only hear Linus's voice speaking it. ;-)
    I'll be working on Christmas, but I should just be able to be lazy and read b/c hopefully there will be no business.
    Merry Christmas!
    My FF

  7. Merry Christmas, I hope Santa brought you lots of books & goodies!

  8. Hi! I'm your newest follower from a Friday Blog Hop! I'd love it if you would follow back at one or all four of my blogs :)

    Happy Holidays!