A Day Which Will Live In Infamy

I debated whether or not to write a piece about December 7, 1941, but decided instead to post video of Pearl Harbor survivors telling the story in their own words. After all, nothing I could write could compare. Soon...there will be no survivors left. Only a few thousand remain today.

I will say this, sometimes (as terrible as this might sound) I am envious that I have never played an irreplaceable role. I've never experienced anything akin to what the men and women of this era endured. But then I think about the great struggle, the anguish, and pain and strength they dealt with--not because they went looking for it, but because it came to them--and I wonder, could I really stand strong and brave like they did? I hope so. Because if history has taught us anything, it is that each generation has it's struggle and burden to carry. May we be found worthy and as capable of those that have gone before us.

Listen to President Roosevelt's address to the nation:

And a new reel from 1941:

Very soon, the story of what happened that fateful December day will exist only in our history books. The true stories, the words that only a survivor can utter, will be left to written pages. How very important it is that we remember these moments--single moments that changed to tide of history.

To read more about the dwindling number of survivors still alive today, click here.


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