Cold Showers and Dull Razors

There is something about being in the shower that gets my brain working. Especially first thing in the morning. I don't know what it is, maybe the warm water washing away cobwebs of sleep, but I start thinking about the strangest things.

Yesterday I ran my kids through the shower as quickly as possible, knowing that if I didn't, I would be shivering in an ice-cold spray of water. So, as soon as I get by chance to get in, I set right to work. Mommies do not get the luxury of twenty-minute hot showers in which you raise your face to the ceiling and let the water wash over you...a slow moan rising up from the gloriousness of it all. *Roll of eyes* Nope. We get whatever the poor water heater has left. And we have to hurry to top it all off.

That's when I get really angry, reaching for the razor. How can a woman be expected to hurry through the shower in under five-minutes if they are always having to shave? Men shave faces. That's all. And here we have this long sparse of legs and thighs. Should I even mention under the arms? One quick swipe on the shin and I groan. The razor is dull. Did Roger use this on his face???

Why couldn't God just let us be bare skinned--all except for our heads...eyebrows...lashes? Why did he think it would be attractive to stick hair in places where we would one day try to remove it? He must have known that we would think it was ugly and want to get rid of it. I think God just like to laugh at us. But when, exactly, did women, r men, decide hairless was the way to go?

Well, according to a quick google search (which is always accurate, you know ;) it began to be a trend here in the States in 1915. During this time, sleeveless dresses were becoming the fashion and hems were inching higher. Fashion designers ran an ad, reading, "Summer Dress and Modern Dancing combine to make necessary the removal of objectionable hair.'"

So, I tip my hat to the 'Flapper' era for all their feminizing, women liberating ways. ;) In exchange for more rights for women, for cigarettes and speakeasies, for loosened morals on sex and purity...we get handed razors. Hmmmm...

But the new fashion of bare arms didn't really hit the mainstream until the Sears Roebuck catalog began offering women's razors and sheer-sleeved dresses in 1922. About that time, women--and men, I suppose--began to wonder what it would be like for the female to have bare legs, as well as underarms (which was a shocking new term, as such places were never spoken about). But you have to admit, how was underarm hair going to make a lady look ravishing in a slinky sleeveless number?

So, about the time I make a mental checklist to research on why I was currently shaving with a dull razor, I've run out of hot water. And I've only finished my right leg. That's when I revert to my regular routine of praying in the shower. "God, why...WHY...why did you give us so much hair?!"

And there wasn't a single sleeveless shirt or short hemline in my near future.




  1. I've always loved flapper dresses. And I have a few friends who did NOT shave in college...hippies. ;)

  2. ha! Love this post! Darn women's libbers! :) ha!