There's No Turkeys Here

Yesterday, Lucy and Grandma were having a discussion as they cut place setting tags for Thanksgiving dinner. Lucy likes to be fancy--Grandma indulges her. As they are cutting out little turkeys, Lucy suddenly is very bothered. "I just don't understand this," she said. "I don't understand how we are going to get a turkey. We don't have turkeys in this town!"

Grandma assures her. "You don't have to worry about that. I bought one at the grocery store. It's in the refrigerator."

Lucy is momentarily relieved, but then, she's once again thoughtful. "Oh," she finally says. "Well, then...I hope the grocery men have lots of guns."


The mental picture in my head is phenomenal! I cannot imagine what the picture looked like in Lucy's mind! Oh, the bloodbath in Kroger's isles!" :)

Don't have your turkey yet? Heading to the grocery? Better take a flak jacket with you.


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