"…The Creator turned towards heaven with a twinkle in His eye that shone from the very desires of His soul, He said, "Let Us make man in Our own image." Calling the angels to gather close, the Father of earth and sky began to form the children of His heart. Never had such care and thought come out of Him as it did that day. This was to be His masterpiece, the very epitome of creation. The image now formed, He breathed his breath, and the awoke! His very self, His very image ingrained forever in the expressions of His children with His very life flowing through them. Each one representing a different facet of His face. Each one with different expressions of His character, awakened by the sound of His voice."

~Cultivating Kingdom Creativity by Theresa Dedmon

How beautiful that all of heaven gathered around to watch the creation of us, his children! How precious that God the Father beheld us with such tenderness…joy…and excitement. What must the angels have thought when God stepped back, smiling upon His creation, rubbing a smudge from our chin with His thumb…a pleased smile on His face? They must have been speechless by what they saw, and even more so as they watched their king lean down and breathe life into us.

It breaks my heart that the enemy has so cunningly convinced so many people that God would not want to have anything to do with them. If you only knew what I've done, I've heard some people say, you wouldn't have anything to do with me either. That might be so. If I knew what you've done, I might be put off, I might shy away, but not God. Never. He took too much effort in forming you with His own hands…and He doesn't give up on His creations easily. He doesn't give up on them, ever.

So can you imagine what would happen if EVERYONE realized their worth in the eyes of God, the Creator of heaven and earth? What if Gavin Rossdale, or Billy Corgan, took hold of his eternal destiny pulled down from heaven above? Imagine the music they could create to shake the foundations, to blindside the enemy? What if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie let the Lord take control of every work they put their hands to; letting Him anoint them with the ability to act in life changing productions? How many lives could be transformed while sitting in a movie theater? And what about the writers that pen these scripts? Or the novelist that top bestselling charts? What could happen if people decided to live unashamed, unhindered, by their love of the Lord? This is what I want for my life. I want to partner with the Lord, have His Holy Spirit work through me, to write words, lyrics, create works of art that can breathe His life into those receiving it…just as He did the day He breathed life into them on their creation day.

When we allow God to work through us, surrender our talents to Him, those that reap the benefits of what we create, feel the Lord's breath on their cheek. When that happens, the enemy flees and they are set free, they are made new and whole. What could be better than that?

Without an awakening down to the very core of who we are and what we do, without a revelation of what we can do for God, souls will be lost. There are people out there: hungry, held captive, heartbroken...and the work hidden away in your heart might be the very thing to save them.

It's time for an awakening.


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